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NOTE:  If you are adding an item to your previous licensed purchase, 
or replacing your files due to a computer crash, please don't forget to
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verifify your license and your order can be filled more quickly. 
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1.  ONLINE--secure ordering through PayPal

    A.  Electronic-- your files will be emailed within 24 hours after receipt of payment.   
  •            StaffWriter-- single-user license:                $40.00
  •            SingASign-- single-user license:                $40.00
  •            BEST BUY-- GET BOTH! Save $18.00!      $62.00   
  •    For REGISTERED buyers-- add SingASign or StaffWriter for $22.00!  
  •    "Computer Crash"!!?  We've got you covered.  Select the last option in the window.        It's only $10 (You'll receive our last updated font files!)                                   
(If you love your first font purchased and decide to buy the other one, it's not too late to get
the $62 deal.  Just select the add-on option from the list (for $22) and include the serial #
from your first font purchased.  We'll verify your serial number and give you the same price that
new buyer gets when buying both at the same time.)
  •    For our current font owners, you can also buy an *iDevice ADD ON                                LICENSE for only $5!  
             *If you own a single-user license for our fonts, you can now extend it to include
up to 3 of your iDevices. When you purchase an iDevice Add On license from our
site (for licensed owners only) we will email you a re-send of that font, a license
agreement showing you are a licensed iDevice user, and the names of two apps
which have good reviews and which we know will actually work to add fonts to your
iDevice. You will need to buy one of the suggested apps (or one of your own choosing);
then install the app to your iDevice in order to install the fonts via that app. (We don't
sell the apps.)  Each of the apps costs abour $1-3 and includes instructions on how to
do the installation of fonts to your iDevice.  
       NOTE: Remember to include your SERIAL # when you place your "add on" order
               to avoid a delay in the transmission of your files.
                  (Where to find your serial number--  on your CD disk (purchased from one of our
                 distributors), or for electronic purchases, it's in Email Group #4 for StaffWriter,
               entitled Serial # IMPORTANT!!, or in the single Email for SingASign purchases.)
            B.  StaffWriter-- CD rom disk  (We no longer sell disks through our website.) 
                 If you prefer to have a disk shipped, please order from one of our online distributors.
         (Music in Motion, McCormick's Software Avenue, Romeo Music,
                  Groth Music or J.W. Pepper)
             IMPORTANT:  SingASign is not available on CD at this time.  It is only
                                     available electronically through this website.  
Minimum System Requirements for all of our fonts:   PC (Windows+) & Mac (OS10.3+)
  StaffWriter and SingASign were designed for the US Keyboard; you must select the
  "U.S. keyboard" layout on your computer to access all of StaffWriter's symbols.
    2. IF YOU ORDER BY MAIL-- You will receive electronic files via email for the font
         purchased. Reminder:  No CD will be shipped for orders through this website.
      A.  To pay with personal check, click on SNAIL MAIL ORDER FORM (button below)
            and mail your order to us.   Expect to wait a few days while your check clears our bank.  
            Electronic files will then be emailed to your email address that you list on order form. 

      B.  Schools, please mail an official P.O. and the ORDER FORM with IT e-mail address 
            where you want the files to be sent.   To speed things up: You may email the 2 forms
            to our "Contact us" email address.  (PDF, Excel, or JPEG file format only.) 
           Terms of payment for schools:  30 days
           Electronic files will be emailed within 24 hours after we receive the purchase order
           and order form from this site.
      A.  Your single-user license does NOT cover SELLING materials that you create with our fonts.
      Please "Contact us"  if you would like to purchase a commercial license. For limited commercial
      purposes, our fee is $150 per font and requires a "by line credit" which must be printed on
      each of the materials you publish.  (We'll give you that info. when you purchase the license.)
     NOTE:  If you have already purchased a single-user license, we will deduct that cost
      from the $150.  We'll just need your customer serial number emailed at time of inquiry
      regarding a commercial license. 
     B.  Also, please contact us if you would like information about multi-user licenses (we have
          several levels of tiered pricing). 
     C.  Finally, if you simply want to freely share your materials online, we have a required
          line of credit which must be included on each page of the materials you share.
Also, please "Contact us" if you have other questions about our fonts.

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